Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little Leather Library - Redcroft Edition

The Tempest - Shakespeare
Memories of President Lincoln - Walt Whitman

Poems - Robert Browning
Greatest Thing in the World - Drummond

Snowbound and Other Poems - Whittier
Friendship and Other Essays - Henry Thoreau

Sonnets From the Portugese - Elizabeth Browning
Fifty Best Poems of America - Various

Man Without a Country - Rudyard Kipling
A Comedy of Errors - Shakespeare

The Man Who Was ... - Rudyard Kipling
"Little Leather Library - Redcroft Edition"

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The Little Leather Library Corporation of New York was the first company to mass-market inexpensive books in the United States. The corporation, founded in 1916 by Albert Boni, Harry Scherman and Maxwell Sackheim, made available a wide variety of classics by many popular authors in miniature editions. The 101 books in this collection are 3" x 4" in size, bound in imitation leather, and characteristic of the Redcroft edition published between 1920-1924.

I rescued these delightful miniature books out of a bin at the Goodwill Outlet Store this past summer. The next stop for these books would have been the shredder.

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Al said...

I love books - great post! I recently bought a Nook and I've downloaded lots of classics to it - I'm currently reading David Copperfield. These old classics are free - I won't pay for files with digital rights management.

Beth Niquette said...

Wow! These are great, Sissy!